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Fecha de publicación: 20/09/2022
por Ernesto Riestra, CIO en Yeira®

Especialista en tecnologías e-learning, con un enfoque en innovación, emprendimiento y desarrollo de negocios basados en el aprendizaje. 

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We are very pleased to share with our community that Yeira is now part of the 5th Cohort of the EdTech accelerator program of Supercharger Ventures (SCV).


SCV is the leading Edtech accelerator dedicated to early stage and scale up companies in Europe, Middle East and Asia (EMEA). With our participation in SCV, Yeira will initiate its global presence and expansion, after having a foothold in the LATAM region.


Within the activities of the acceleration program, Yeira intends to become the leading upstream EdTech solution provider in the EMEA region. Among the goals that we intend to achieve are the following:


  • Explore opportunities in Europe to provide our SaaS solutions as well as premium support services for Europe.
  • Grow our presence and take advantage of a thriving business ecosystem, with the aid of the SCV business and investor network.
  • Increase our value proposition for our natural markets in LATAM and the USA, and be able to provide more robust services to global clients.
  • Attract investment into the upstream side of the EdTech sector.


SCV past experience in the Fintech field will help also bring winning concepts like open banking and globalized platforms into our business conception, reinforcing the idea that a single open standard (Bloom) can express all sorts of EdTech solutions, with very clear advantages in terms of interoperability and accessibility to actual learning data.



SuperCharger Ventures Cohort 5.0


About Yeira Ecosystem


Yeira has developed a multifaceted business model, that comprises on one hand technologies and solutions under a simple SaaS licensing, and includes novel instructional design methodologies (EXD Model), as well as e-learning specific training and other topics to support the adoption of EdTech.


Not all of our clients develop their e-learning business in a conventional way. Here are some of the common business blueprints that some of our most successful accounts are starting to deploy with our help:


Yeira EdTech Ecosystem (Blueprints)


First of all,  it is a great business to be Value Added providers: some of our clients purchase a license and resell to corporations all that they need to launch their courses, under their end client brand and identity. (1)


Small and mid businesses (2) set their platforms up and benefit directly from our e-commerce functionality to sell their courses, under their own brand and identity.


A few of our clients are bringing up a sustainable business by purchasing many separate platforms, operating them for their end clients, and offering courseware planning, design and delivery services. (3)


More technically oriented companies are today using our API to develop their own learning environments, and using Yeira features in what is known as headless mode. (4)


Finally, some very advanced educational projects are able to create with our content toolkits their own custom content authoring tools, fully compatible with Yeira and our learning experience platform. (5)


More about Yeira


Yeira is the leading EdTech innovator in LATAM, providing a SaaS solution that offers learning experience authoring tools, including social interactions, evaluations, mixed contents as well as learning analytics right into the content.


In 2021 we were mentioned as one of the Top-5 EdTech innovators, from more than 2,200 EdTech companies globally, by the Austrian Market Research Consultancy StartUs Insights, standing out as a Learning Analytics solution. And in the same year we were selected to be the first EdTech startup in LATAM to be part of AWS EdStart Member.


Yeira is a name that comes from the concept of light and illuminating someone’s path, which is related to the way education and learning happens to brighten up our learning communities. As our licenses grow from a little Candle, they end up growing into a Limelight or a Star. We have the goal to multiply and sinergyze joint efforts, to grow scalable education and training programs, with the help of SCV and other business partners.


Yeira has a proven record of growth and adoption in a very complex region, Latinamerica, that has shaped our capabilities to be able to solve technical challenges under a very low cost model. Our platform is not only the result of these external shaping pressures, but also of detailed UX work and a very innovative technology drive.


Yeira brings all the tools to create outstanding learning experiences, particularly with solutions that can permeate through the whole sector, and become a key technology that enables not only e-learning based businesses, but also other EdTech to produce custom made authoring and learning experience toolkits.

Start for free with Yeira and turn your online courses into effective learning experiences.




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