Modalities in Yeira

Yeira adapts to multiple learning and business models.

Open mode without e-commerce

With this modality, your users will be able to review your available online courses and apply for registration; You can then accept or reject their application. This mode is ideal for internal training processes, or for courses purchased with standalone payment channels, or even cash payments. Control your audience while reducing management times.


Open mode with e-commerce

Sell your own online courses by activating the e-commerce module in Yeira. Set prices to your courses, apply discounts and offer promotional coupons. Receive payments for your site's shopping cart. You can integrate your PayPal or Conekta account. Forget about per-purchase fees and grow your online training business.

Closed mode

Set Yeira's closed mode so that only registered and enrolled users on your site can access content. Use this mode if you are looking for complete control of registrations and enrollments of your users and you do not want your course offer to have a public view on the web, as is the case of a Online diploma or private training courses for your corporate clients.


Your courses, your brand.

Yeira gives you the customization flexibility for your brand identity

Open or close mode

Use the open mode to market your own courses online or to facilitate the process of enrollment requests, without e-commerce. Set closed mode if you want to offer a diploma or private training in your organization.


Brand experience

Customize the platform with your corporate image, logo, images and colors. Keep communication consistent with your customers to captivate them.

Your domain, your space

Use your own web domain to boost your offer from one place. If you don't have one, Yeira has a space for you in


Personalize your information

Link your platform with your website and social networks; add your legal notices. Your users will be sure of the quality that characterizes you.

Agile, versatile content.

Create synchronous and asynchronous content from a single place.

Create Courses in minutes

Create a new course quickly, add detailed information about the course, a promotional video, the profile of instructor and the objectives of the course. Then create themes and add one or more digital assets. Select whether the resources are sequential or open. Structure your content however you want.


Launch Zoom sessions

Link your Zoom account with Yeira and add live sessions directly from your course.

Link your Videos

Videos are an excellent way to transmit knowledge online. Add Youtube or Vimeo videos to You will just copy and paste the link. Do you make your own videos? Upload them to your private channel Youtube or Vimeo Pro and add them to Yeira, your videos are kept safe by showing them only to registered users of the course.


Create blog-like Text

Share an article, links to relevant online information, or images. Complement your training offer with different formats.


Upload documents

Do you have documents in PDF, Word, PowerPoint or Excel? Your users will be able to see them directly in Yeira and download them if you choose.


Create discussion forums

Discussion Forums are a great way to encourage online conversation across the group. around a theme. Create a social environment with Yeira.


Build quizzes

With Yeira you can create as many multiple choice questionnaires as you want. Your users will have immediate feedback to their answers.


Upload HTML5 and Bloom contents

Include HTML5 interactive or Yeira Bloom content in your online courses. Create learning experiences more fun and memorable for your users.


Embed: Copy and paste code

Do you have a favorite online tool for creating content? Copy and paste your code in Yeira. The possibilities become endless.

Being able to measure is being able to improve.

Follow up instantly and improve your offer with detailed reports.

Global data

How many courses are being purchased, how many users are registered on the platform, how many enrollments into courses and the total sales: You will know this and more with Yeira's global metrics.


Users vs. Sales

If you use Yeira to sell online courses, you will be able to know how many users have registered vs. how many users have purchased a course. If you use Yeira for internal training or blended , you will be able to analyze time series the behavior of your registered users.

Most liked content

Did your users like a video more than a text, more one course than another? Know what contents are the most liked about your platform and start improving your online training offer with Yeira.


Questionnaire results

Know quiz and questionnaire outcomes, like the average result of your evaluations. If you want to know the result of each user, you can look at it in detail. Give extra follow up to users that perform or need help.

User progress

With Yeira, you will be able to know what progress each user has on the platform, as well as what content was last viewed so you can track the performance of your users.


Course reports

Follow up the progress of users enrolled in your course in Yeira and check their oucomes instantly so that your users achieve their learning goals. See their average grades, what they didn't see, and what they completed, homeworks delivered, and what was the last content viewed. Save everything in Excel and create your custom reports.

User reports

In the same way that you can review the detailed reports of your courses, you can access the report of each user registered on your Yeira site. Check your general registration information, what is their completion rate and average grade, as well as additional performance details for each of the courses in which they are enrolled. View it on the platform and download the report in Excel.



Your favorite tools in Yeira to enhance your e-learning strategy.


Zoom integration

Forget about sharing links to access your sessions and manual assistance lists: with the Zoom integration you will be able to create live sessions right from your courses in Yeira with attendance report and combine them with asynchronous content such as presentations, lectures, and quizzes. Everything in one place to improve experience of your users.


Mailchimp integration

Create campaigns from your Mailchimp account to your registered users on your Yeira site and create Automations for the onboarding process of your users enrolled in each of your online courses. Promote your courses and maintain active communication with your audience.


PayPal integration

If you want to sell your courses, activate the e-commerce module and receive secure payments online integrating your PayPal account on your Yeira site. Add discounts on your courses and offer coupons for promotion. With Yeira, you don't pay any fees based on your income volume. Your courses, your money.


Conekta integration

Conekta offers your users the possibility of debit or credit card purchases. No credit or debit card? No problem, you can collect payments by bank transfer, deposit or convenience stores and register them manually in your course. With Yeira, nothing stops you.


Chatbox integrations

Intercom, Zopim, Crisp, Hubspot or Whatsapp? No problem, easily integrate your favorite chat tool into your site Yeira. Resolve doubts instantly, offer support and improve the overall experience of your prospects and users.


Analytics integration

Copy and paste the tracking code from your Google Analytics account and track the activity of your Yeira site to improve your positioning and branding strategy.

Forget about technology and focus on your content.

Yeira takes care of everything for you.


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