Powerful, easy to use and fast technology.

Sell online courses or train your staff

Cloud and on-demand technology

Save up to 95% of your e-learning budget

Customize your brand

Do it yourself, in minutes

E-learning platform

Doesn't get easier than this


Customize your Yeira site with your own brand. Turn on closed mode for your in-house training offering, or turn on open mode to sell your own courses online. Create online courses agilely by combining synchronous and asynchronous content with Zoom and videos, documents, forums, quizzes, interactive and much more!

Improve your users' experience by following up instantly with detailed reports by course and by user.

Authoring tool

Mixed content with built-in Learning Analytics.


With Bloom , create exposition, evaluative, social and mixed content with integrated data reports and analytics. Forget about high-cost LRS systems and additional configurations in SCORM or xAPI. Pick an example from our library with customizable templates or create your own content.

Create automated assessments based on question banks and issue digital badges; integrate surveys, social boards and content with data revealed in real time; Build scenarios, hotspots, interactive content and much more! Your imagination is the limit.

Sell your courses

Your courses, your money and your brand.

  • Place your knowledge offer with online courses under your own brand.
  • No fees on your sales and no IP rights restrictions. Your courses, and your money.
  • Receive payments by credit card, debit card or PayPal.
  • Do you have a corporate client? No problem, create private courses for that exclusive client.

Launch Diploma Programs

Save costs while increasing the learning experience of your users.

  • Courses convert into modules on your Yeira site.
  • Setup closed mode so that only registered users access the content.
  • Customize Yeira with your own brand.
  • Manage your modules and your users. You have complete control.

Train your personnel

Agile training, without complications.

  • Get rid of up to 95% of the costs related to technologies for corporate training.
  • Forget about technology and negotiations with the IT area, you have control.
  • Control who accesses which course and instantly monitor users' progress.
  • Get detailed reports by course and by user to measure the results of your training strategy.

Forget about technology and focus on your content.

Yeira takes care of everything for you.


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